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Woolpower Socks EUR 36-39 / Black Woolpower 2-Pack Sock & Liner

Woolpower 2-Pack Sock & Liner

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  • 36-39 EU
  • 45-48 EU

This duo will keep your feet warm at all time. Wear the liner socks all year round and the thicker socks on cold winter days. You can combine both socks when you're wearing your winter boots. This is a final farewell to cold and wet feet

The Liner is a thinner sock that fits snug and comfortably against your foot. The toe seam is integrated into the fabric. Woolpower’s logo and the size are knitted into the bottom of the sock.

Socks Logo 400 are made from our classic Ullfrotté Original 400 fabric around the foot. The shaft is rib-knitted and elasticated and has the Woolpower logo knitted into the side. It’s a warm and comfortable sock that is suitable for wearing directly next to the foot or as a second layer.

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