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ESP LHU – 14 Universal Rotatable Plastic Holster

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A tactical very geschickter belt holster (bracket) For your tactical flashlight
ESP LHU - 14 - 43 Universal Rotating Plastic Holster for tactical lights
LHU 14: The Universal Rotating Plastic Holster is designed for the professional use. It allows easy side out, simply tilt the lamp out of the holster and it is also a safety mechanism to prevent unwanted loosening of the torch. Type of holster uses a new model from the quick release clip, den man with just one hand to apply, without the belt needs to be removed. The The Risk Of Damaging The distance between the belt and the light but when using this clips is smaller. The light can be turned 360 ° on your belt in 16 locking positions. In a horizontal or slightly inclined position can be used it for permanent illuminating the area from the user, which leave both hands free are locked up safe and sound. It can also be attached to the M.O.L.L.E. system attachment.

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