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Victorinox Equestrian Knife

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Large Pocket Knife with Hoof Cleaner

Equine by name and in nature, our Equestrian is the ardent rider’s ideal pocket companion. Equipped with a compact yet extremely effective hoof cleaner, it is ideal after a ride out or around the yard. In short: this knife is portable, practical and ready to take on any equine challenge.



  1. large blade
  2. bottle opener
  3. can opener
  4. wire stripper
  5. screwdriver 5 mm
  6. hoof cleaner
  1. reamer, punch
  2. corkscrew
  3. wood saw
  4. tweezers
  5. toothpick
  6. key ring


Height 18 mm
Net weight 125 g


scale material polyamide 
Blade lockable Yes 
One hand blade No