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RWS Earplug RWS Earplug
RWS Earplug RWS Earplug

RWS Earplug

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The new in-ear impulse hearing protection from RWS  offers excellent noise suppression performance in a reusable high-end product. The patented impulse-filtering technology is certified for impulse noises of up to 166 dB and provides damping of up to 33 dB. As soon as there are no impulse noises, the earplugs muffle sound only minimally, making it possible to hear ambient noises.


  • Harmful impulse noises reduced by up to 33 dB
  • Permanent damping of 15 dB* while talking or during no-shoot times (*damping under a CE certification condition)
  • Comes with an aluminum transport/storage case
  • No batteries required, no electronics
  • Delivered with 2 sets of ear pieces (sizes M and L)