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Ortlieb Maintenance Products Ortlieb Lubricant for TIZIP-Zippers
Ortlieb Maintenance Products Ortlieb Lubricant for TIZIP-Zippers

Ortlieb Lubricant for TIZIP-Zippers

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The TIZIP® zip closure used by Ortlieb is made up of a plastic spiral zip on stable fabric. Sealing zippers " go harder" than conventional zippers, so they have to be kept smooth-running with sliding paste. Products with TIZIP® zippers offer a perfect solution for when you require moisture and dustproof protection, but also need to be able to access items easily and quickly. Each spiral half is securely embedded and fixed in a plastic profile. When closing the zipper, the sealing lips above and below the spiral are pressed together. The ingenious design prevents the slider from rubbing against the sealing lips during both opening and closing. On top of that, the plastic profile is highly abrasion-resistant. The physics of the zipper are designed in such a way that the tightness improves when the internal pressure is increased or in general when a transverse load is applied, by pressing the sealing lips more strongly together. The zipper is extremely resistant to dirt and shows the highest level of durability and longevity even under rough conditions. It is tread-proof, highly resistant to abrasion and can tolerate short sharp bends. The zipper has an extremely high transverse tensile strength of 300 N/cm when closed.


- 1 x Ortlieb TIZIP® lubricant (8g tube)