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ASG Airsof Dan Wesson 4
ASG Airsof Dan Wesson 4
ASG Airsof Dan Wesson 4
ASG Airsof Dan Wesson 4

Dan Wesson 4"revolver

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Guns, both airguns, airsoft replicas or CO2 powered are not available for sale on our online store. This is only to give you an overview of our collection offered in our store in Tienen, Belgium.

The shortest of the Dan Wesson revolvers is this version with a 4” barrel. This is a beautiful silver plated revolver. The full metal construction gives the revolver a very solid impression and you can immediately feel the quality.

The 12g Co2 capsule is loaded into the grip and each of the realistic 6 shells holds one BB that is fired at more than 130 m/s (420 pfs) Included: Speed loader, 2 changeable tactical rails and 6 shells.

Real Steel History

When it comes to benefitting from ready-made brand cache, it’s hard to beat US manufacturer Dan Wesson – with the name coming from the firm’s founder, Daniel B. Wesson II, the great-grandson of the co-founder of legendary gunmaker – Smith & Wesson.
The real steal Model 44 hand canon was first introduced in the ‘80s and was largely shipped with a 6” barrel, but there were several interchangeable barrel-length options: 4”, 8” and 10”.

Originally intended for hunters and target shooters (metal plate or silhouette target shooting in particular), the Model 44 also had a variety of shroud configurations – either partial lug or full lug, with a solid rib or ventilated-rib barrel, a look that has gone on to became instantly recognisable.

Stainless steel versions of the M44 were also designated with a 7-prefix.  

Today, although the Dan Wesson brand is still synonymous with its classic, double-action revolvers like the Model 44, however, the manufacturer has long since diversified into rifles and a successful line of 1911 pistol variants.


Length: 242mm/9,7inch
Barrel Length: 87mm/3,5inch
Mag. Capacity: 6 Rounds
Standard mag: 16186
Holster: 17349
Hop up type: None
Velocity: 134ms/440fps
Weight: 878gr/1,9lb
Energy: 1,8 joule