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Umarex Concealed Carry Waistbag Holster

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This concealed carry holster is an extremely practical means of keeping a handgun out of sight. Made to accommodate current service pistols and standard revolvers with barrel lengths of up to 4 inches, it is shaped like a normal waist bag and does not impede use of the pistol in any way.

The main pouch has two adjustable straps with Velcro closures. One can be adjusted with Velcro to the size of the gun, and the magazine strap is an elastic band that can easily hold double-column magazines. The large Velcro surface in the main pouch lets you adjust both straps for different gun sizes and reverse the bag for left-handed carry.

One special feature is the quick-access tab for the main pouch. In its normal state the two-way zipper is closed (transport mode). For better preparedness you can pull the tab out through the zipper so it can be opened with a quick downward pull (readiness mode).

Further storage space is provided by a pouch with three elastic bands (for example, for spare magazines) and by a document pouch. Comes with an integrated waist belt and removable elastic thigh belt. Can also be carried on a shoulder. Two-way zipper on the main pouch with eyelets for a padlock. With Velcro surface for patches.

Material nylon
Weight 325 g

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