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Traun River Sea trout Leader, Micro Snap Springer

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This leader was designed for the coastal sea trout fishing around the baltic ocean. The leader is made so it can be fished with two flies at a time which greatly increases your chances of catching fish. This leader is not only for the coast it can be used anywhere where it is allowed to fish with two flies at a time. The integrated Micro Snap on the springer make is possible to change flies quickly without making a new leader every time and thereby increases the time you can spend on fishing instead of tying knots.

This new leader is really great for sea trout fishing here on the coast. The taper is perfect from the bottom to the tip. Perfect thickness and smart with the micro snap. An extra fly can be attached quickly. And the fly can change quickly. Extend the leader depending on the fly size you choose to fish with.
- Morten Oeland



Length: 275 cm
Tip section: 0,25 mm
Springer: 10 cm flourocarbon with a Micro Snap