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Traun River Micro Snaps

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Micro Snaps can be used as a substantial relief for the fly change. This allows the fly assembly and a desired fly change to be carried out very quickly. The fly is attached to the Micro Snap movable, which can contribute to increase the Fangerfolges. In addition, it should be noted that the leader is not shortened in a fly change. The Micro Snaps can be mounted directly from the supply ring to the line.

Micro Snaps are available in three versions:

  • Small for hook size 10 - 16, capacity 4.5 kg
    x 8pcs.
  • Medium for hook size 6 - 12, load capacity 8,0 kg 
    x 5pcs
  • Large for hook size 4 - 3/0, load capacity 11.5 kg
    x 5pcs

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