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Skross Pro World Travel Adapters

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The safest and most compact world travel plug for devices with 2- and 3-pin plugs. Full power up to 2500 Watts. With this unique travel plug you can connect all your electrical appliances all over the world (including hair dryer).

Product Features

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
Usable in more than 150 countries through slider/control system.
Suitable for 2- and 3-pin plugs.
Compact design.
240V - 2400W / 110V - 1100W.
100% safe.
Extra compartment with spare fuse.

Barcode 7640166321514
Input 110V -250V
Including micro USB cable Yes
Suitable for 3-pole devices Yes
Replaceable fuse Yes
max. load 6.3 A
Power rating 100V-630W , 250V-1575W
Suitable for devices from Europe
Suitable for countries with socket standard of Australia, China, Japan, UK, Italy, Brazil, Euro

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