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Rio Lines WF7F / Coral Rio Saltwater
Rio Lines WF7F / Coral Rio Saltwater

Rio Saltwater

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A series of fly lines for the saltwater fly fisher
Saltwater Line: The all-purpose saltwater line for bonefish, redfish, stripers or snook and ideal for fishing in normal and early season conditions.
Tropical Clouser: The best "one line does all" for the tropical saltwater fly fisher. Based on the same taper as the Coldwater Clouser line and designed for turning over heavy, bulky flies into the wind without effort
Saltwater F/I: Made on a medium-stiff core and featuring a floating tropical coating made with RIO's XS
Technology and a 9.5 ft clear intermediate tip to get the fly down on deeper flats or turn the fly over into a heavy wind.
Saltwater 1/1: A full intermediate (1.5 ips 3.7 cm/s) line with a green tint and a 9.5 ft clear tip. It is a
great line for laid-up fish that are a little deeper in the water column or for keeping in touch with the fly
in choppy water. Based on the Clouser taper and built with RIO's XS Technology for slickness, it is the
perfect full intermediate line for fishing in warmer climes.

AgentX and XS Technology
Complete range of cores and coatings for all conditions
Welded loops on both ends for easy rigging.