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SAG 3-point Tactical Rifle Sling

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A long gun without a sling is like a handgun without a holster, choosing a sling that fits your mission needs, will greatly enhance your handling of the Airsoft gun, and give an authentic and professional look. This 3 Point Tactical Sling is simple, versatile, and affordable, a truly functional sling which works. This Tactical Slings is made from heavy duty webbing which is durable, yet comfortable.

  • Metal carabiner.
  • 2 metal rings.
  • Quick release buckle.
  • Velcro strap for buttstock.
  • Elastic noise mufflers.
  • Adjustable Length.

Color: Tan.
Fits: M16, and other similar Airsoft gun.
Three-point sling 
The advantages of the three-point sling are that it functions more like a harness and is therefore strapped to the shooter. This allows the shooter to release the weapon to use his/her hands for other tasks (such as transitioning to a sidearm) without fear of dropping it on the ground since it will remain hanging from the shooter and easily accessible when needed again.