Rio InTouch OutBound Short Fly Line (Intermediate / Sinking 6) - Hero Outdoor
Rio InTouch OutBound Short Fly Line (Intermediate / Sinking 6) - Hero Outdoor

Rio InTouch OutBound Short Fly Line (Intermediate / Sinking 6)

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A short head version of the incredibly popular OutBound lines; ideal for wading anglers or for coping with tough winds and big flies when a short head is necessary. The head is only 30 ft long an ensures fast, one-shot casts for maximum distance. The lighter sized lines are excellent for the trout angler fishing big rivers while the larger sizes are particularly useful for the sea trout fisher.


Length: 30,5 m

Sinking rate: 4 - 15 cm/s

Colour: black/gray

XS (Extreme Slickness)
The RIO test laboratories carried out extensive practical experiments and material combinations, until they discovered the secret behind the XS Technology. The result is a ge­neration of fly lines with a slicker surface. On the water this leads to longer and more accurate casts, less abrasion, less dirt attraction and an overall better performance.

Connect Core
RIO’s ConnectCore full-sinking lines open up new worlds of perception and sensitivity with no-stretch performance. Soft, subtle takes become positive grabs, and without stretch to dull reaction times, hook sets are instant and sure. ConnectCore - The secret weapon for stillwater success.

Density Compensated 
RIO’s Density Compensation adds a more dense material to the thin tip, which ensures the line sinking straight. 
Welded Loops
RIO pioneered / originated the innovative welded loop technique. Welded loop fly line tips float better and enable a rapid change of leader. Almost all RIO fly lines are supplied with these small welded loops, please see the appropriate line diagram for information.