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Polish Quills AcrySilk Dubbing

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Polish Quills AcrySilk Dubbing is a blended dubbing comprised of Acrylic fabric and Silk that comes to us thatnks to the team at Nature’s Spirit. The two mixed together makes a fantastic dubbing for both nymphs and dry flies. This is also a short fiber dubbing with makes it really easy to work with when tying very small flies.

This versatile fly tying dubbing can be used on just about every type of fly from trout nymphs, wet flies and streamers to crayfish as well as saltwater flies like shrimp, mantis shrimp and crabs. Saltwater fly tying materials or freshwater fly tying materials, the AcrySilk Dubbing will work great. This stuff looks extremely life-like when wet. Available in 32 colours, this is a must have to any dubbing collection.

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