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Pike on the Fly DVD

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Fly Fishing for pike is not for everyone! Those with weak hearts or "trout only" mentalities need not apply. For those few who are willing to step out from behind the shroud of what fly fishing is, or isn't, there is a whole other world of fly fishing possibilities waiting to be experienced. It has been over 13 years since Barry Reynolds released his first pike video "The Fly Rodders Guide to Pike" and now the long awaited follow up is here; More than 2 years in the making "In Pursuit of the Water Wolf" delivers both entertainment and instructional value. Barry will take you to some of the most prolific pike waters in North America and share with you his passion and pursuit of the "holy grail" of pike fly fishing, a pike in excess of thirty pounds and over 50" in length on the fly! Barry will also show you the thrills and excitement of some of the most incredible top water action ever caught on film. There is also a special bonus section where Barry shares with you some of his favorite patterns, leader set-ups and fly line selections to cover the water top to bottom.