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Nuprol N79 Short 40mm Grenade Launcher

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Guns, both airguns, airsoft replicas or CO2 powered are not available for sale on our online store. This is only to give you an overview of our collection offered in our store in Tienen, Belgium.

  • The M79 grenade launcher, also known as 'the Thumper', is a single-shot 40mm grenade launcher which dates back to the Vietnam war era. Despite the design's age, the M79 is still occasionally used in the field, especially by U.S. special operations forces (SOF).
  • This 'sawn off' version is also know as the 'Pirate Gun'
  • DEVGRU, aka 'SEAL Team 6', are known to use a modified version of the M79, commonly known as the 'Pirate Gun.' With its sawn-off butt-stock, short barrel and with a reflex sight the weapon certainly resembles a pirate's flintlock pistol.


  • This model can fire standard 40mm Airsoft Gas Grenades (not included).
  • Specifications

    • Length: 350mm
    • Weight: 1.0600 kg
    • Magazine Capacity: 1
    • Muzzle Velocity: ~220 fps
    • Powered by: Gas
    • System: Gas
    • Major Colour: Black

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