Bushnell Night Vision 3x30 - Hero Outdoor

Bushnell Night Vision 3x30

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Delivering clarity, illumination and field of view unmatched. Equinox continues to raise the bar industrywide in digital and Generation 1 night vision. The two digital configurations pierce the night with utmost efficiency, offering the option of a traditional black and white view for when some light is available, and traditional green illumination for almost to completely dark conditions. With true 3x Magnification and long battery life, this packs a lot of intensity into a compact, lightweight unit.

All models feature rugged, weather-resistant housings and integrated accessory rails, letting you easily add a light to dramatically increase viewing range.


  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Dual image output (black and white or green)
  • Wide field of view
  • Rugged water-resistant housing
  • Video out capable
  • Tripod mountable