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Nathan Belt Nathan Swift Plus 10oz Hydration Belt
Nathan Belt Nathan Swift Plus 10oz Hydration Belt

Nathan Swift Plus 10oz Hydration Belt

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Fits comfortably around your waist and provides a bounce-free ride. This running belt is ultra-light (7 oz) so that you can exercise effortlessly as if it’s not even there.


Features a race-ready minimalist design. Keep your water, gels, and phone right around your waist for safe keeping while you keep going down the trail or road. Also perfect for activities like jogging, dog walking, biking, hiking, workout at the gym, etc.

  • Race-ready minimalist unisex hydration belt
  • Includes a 10oz flask with Push-Pull Cap and an angled holster for quick hydration
  • Fits comfortably, and provide a bounce-free ride
  • Zip pocket for large smartphones and running essentials
  • Race-ready features include gel loops, and gel trash stash pocket
  • Weight: 7 oz/224 g
  • Capacity: 10 oz/300 mL
Wash & Care
  • Hand wash cold  
  • Use mild detergent (try our PowerWash)  
  • Line dry  
  • Do not use bleach 
  • Do not use fabric softener  
  • Do not iron or dry clean  

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