Mediterranean Fish Stew

Trek'n Eat - Mediterranean Fish Stew

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For year, the impetus behind Trek’n Eat has been to provide you with culinary delights when you’re on the go. Quality, great taste and variety are our first priorities. Our dishes should deliver a true „joie de vivre“ and excite you every day during a big adventure. Inspired by the fresh air and scent of the mediterranean, Trek’n Eat has come up with the Mediterranean Fish Stew with Rice, using only the finest ingredients. Like all products from Trek’n Eat, the Mediterranean Fish Stew with Rice contains neither artificial colors nor preservatives nor added flavor enhancers. In addition, it carries the ALL NATURAL label from Trek’n Eat.

Net weight: 160g. After added water: 640g

kJ/kcal 1475/378 2360/604.8
Protein 16g 25.6g
Fat 5.4g 8.64g
- of which saturated fatty acids 2.2g 3.52g
Carbohydrates 58g 92.8g
- of which sugar 7.3g 11.68g
Fibre 5.3g 8.48g
salt 3.7g 5.92g