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Light My Fire Spork Titanium

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The Spork titanium is the toughest of them all. The extreme strength, durability and lightness makes for a Spork built to meet the most rugged of challenges. For those of us not climbing mountains or hiking for weeks on end, the Spork titanium still has lots to offer. It won’t ever break no matter how many times the kids accidentally step on it, it’s non-corrosive, non-magnetic and since titanium is extremely compatible with the human body, the metal is non-toxic and the polished parts offer no metallic taste. The Light My Fire Titanium Spork is the perfect meal companion for backpacking, travelling and everyday use. Check it out.

The iconic spoon-fork-knife combo in a lightweight material that lasts forever.
• Extremely durable
• Lightweight
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free
The Light My Fire Titanium Spork is a perfectly designed outdoor eating

utensil. Titanium is one of the toughest, most durable alloys on the planet and has excellent resiliency. The polished titanium surface of the Titanium Spork offers a high biocompatibility that is non-toxic and does not produce a metallic taste. The Light My Fire Titanium Spork is the perfect meal companion for backpacking.

Only weighing 19 gram your Spork Titanium is extremely lightweight.

The feel when holding this spork in your hands with low weight and extremely durable makes it the perfect companion out in the wild.

The Spork Titanium can withstand very hot food making it prefect when you need to stir a hot soup or eating turn over something on the fire.

It’s easy to clean by just rinsing it under water.

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