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Led Lenser Automotive Lamp

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  • Economical, ecological, rechargeable
  • Outstanding LED Lenser light quality. Brightness, beam range and duration are ideally tailored to the energy source
  • Small, light and elegant. Car light weighing only 52 grams and just 55 millimetres in length with a head diameter of 20.5 millimetres
  • Enormous light power in relation to the size and weight. Beam range of up to 20 meters with up to 80 lumens luminous flux
  • Easy to use. Switch on and off by rotating the lamp head
  • Easy to charge. Cigarette lighter as energy source (12-volt power supply voltage)
  • Elegant charging display. The light is blue during charging
  • Suitable for any car. Cigarette lighter adapter included
  • Bright light beam. A high-end power LED
  • Very elegant, puristic design. High gloss polished, rust-free stainless steel housing

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