Honeywell Howard Leight Thunder T3 Ear Defender, SNR 36 - Hero Outdoor

Honeywell Howard Leight Thunder T3 Ear Defender, SNR 36

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Thunder T3 dielectric earmuffs are complete with airflow control technology also including snap-in ear cushions. The snap-in air cushions allow you to change them quickly and easily. Designed to be worn in a fixed position with a quick click height adjustment. Airflow control technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies. An attached non-deforming outer headband is strong and durable and the inner ventilated headband provides better positioning. The headbands minimise pressure on the head and are soft and comfortable. The dielectric construction makes the earmuffs suitable for wearing all day and suitable for all environments.


Ear protection
Adjustable headband
Non-deforming outer headband
Inner ventilated headband
Airflow control technology
Optimal attenuation
Snap-in ear cushions
Dielectric construction
All day comfort
Excellent in warm and humid conditions


SNR 36 dB
H 37 dB
M 34 dB
L 26 dB