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Hardy Ultralite FW DD Reel

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Featherweight Disc Drag in Large Arbor Design with 360 degree color coded drag system! The Hardy Ultralite® FW DD allows for ultra lightweight line control. Featuring the incredible low weight of a click check reel but with the super smooth drag performance and low start up inertia of a disc drag reel.

Built from 6061 bar stock aluminum, size 1000 (1/2/3 weight) is 3.15 inches in diameter and weighs in at 2.9 ounces. The heaviest in the family, size 4000 (4/5/6 weight) measures 3.74 inches in diameter and weighs just 3.6 ounces. Feel the balance in ultralight fly tackle where each cast feels better than the last. Hardy was able to reduce weight with minimalistic design features such as a reduced main shaft, push on/off spool design and stunning open look.

The Rulon disc drag is super smooth with low start up inertia. The color-coded multi-pad drag system can be easily set and identified with a simple glance as the red dots on the drag knob clearly indicate a stronger drag and the green dots indicate a lighter drag settings. The drag can be configured from zero to maximum in just one turn of the knob.

Features of the Hardy Ultralite FW DD Fly Reel:

  • Minimalistic design to reduce weight
  • Bar stock 6061 construction
  • Stunning cosmetic design
  • Reduced main shaft to eliminate weight
  • Super smooth Rulon drag
  • Push on / off spool design to reduce weight