Guardian V4 Mask - Hero Outdoor
Guardian V4 Mask - Hero Outdoor
Guardian V4 Mask - Hero Outdoor

Guardian V4 Mask

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Guardian V1 mask

The mask is made of plastic. The mask consists of the goggles, the part covering the face and the neck and the part covering the forehead. The inner part of the goggles is layered with a soft lining minimizing the irritation and face injuries. The goggles are equipped with ventilation holes which minimize the gathering of the steam on the lenses. The elastic mounting band is equipped with length adjustment. The part covering the mouth, the neck and the forehead is equipped with ventilation holes. The mask is fully modular – it is possible detach some of the elements, it is also possible fully detach the goggles.


The product does not provide ballistic protection of the eyes and using it for that purpose is against its destination. The durability tests showed that dents, scratches and cracks may occur on the lens/screens ( or even the holders )when hit with a BB pellet.


The distributor and the manufacturer will be not held responsible for using the product for eye protection during events using ASG replicas. This also includes all of the health consequences of the user and the damage done to the product which cannot be a subject to the warranty when damage because of the aforementioned reasons.