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Greys Lines WF5/I Greys Platinum Extreme fly lines

Greys Platinum Extreme fly lines

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  • WF8/I (1404512)
Greys Platinum Extreme fly lines have been developed to reach fish others cant. The Platinum Extreme lines are designed to offer the angler maximum power and distance. Utilising a pronounced front taper, and short rear taper, this line will result in optimum long distance presentation.

  • Ultra low memory
  • Smooth, slick finish
  • Dual colour with high-vis running line for optimum casting and bite indication
  • 120ft overall length
  • Modified taper, and overall low diameter makes this line ideal for effortless distance casting
  • Comes with 2 braided loops
  • Available in: Floating (Cream colour); Intermediate (1.5ips Clear colour); Sink 3 (3ips Green colour); Sink 5 (5ips Brown colour); Sink 7 (7ips Grey colour)

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