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Frog Hair Transition Nymph Leaders

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Frog Hair Tapered Leaders are the world’s first knotless tapered leaders available with either supple or stiff butt sections. All anglers have their preference, but only Gamma offers them a choice. Using GAMMA’s exclusive process, the stiffness characteristics of the various sections along the length of the leader are fine-tuned to create leaders offering either a supple or a stiff butt combined with a supple tippet. This revolutionary concept optimizes the performance of the leader to provide the best possible combination of butt and tippet properties to accommodate all potential fishing conditions.

Added Feature:
All leaders include perfection loops


Tip Diameter

Test Strength

Butt Diameter

Leader Length

5X §

.006” / .152 mm

4.4 lb / 2.0 kg

.021” / .533 mm

7.5 ft / 2.3 M *

4X §

.007” / .178 mm

5.5 lb / 2.5 kg

.021” / .533 mm

7.5 ft / 2.3 M *

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