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Dörr SnapShot Mini Black 12 MP HD

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SnapShot Mini Black 12MP HD Functional surveillance camera with high picture resolution and videos in HD quality. Compact and splash water proof housing in perfectly discreet camouflage. 40 invisible Black Vision Infrared LEDs High resolution colour pictures  during daytime, contrast-rich



Functional surveillance camera with high picture resolution and videos in HD quality.
Compact and splash water proof housing in perfectly discreet camouflage.

  • 40 invisible Black Vision Infrared LEDs
  • High resolution colour pictures during daytime, contrast-rich black-and-white pictures at night
  • Image resolution up to max. 12 MP
  • HD videos including sound recording with up to 60 seconds length
  • Multi-shot (1-9 photos per trigger), timer function with 2 work frames per day, time lapse (interval),
    combined image and video function, password protection
  • Colour display for menu settings and image playback
  • Multilingual, intuitive menu navigation
  • Data are stored on SD card (optional)

For more than 12 years we are specialising in the field of autarkic surveillance cameras.
This knowledge adds more value to the development of all our cameras.

Outstanding quality
Trust in high quality materials and best functionality. Our models especially meet the requirements of monitoring and offer a wide range of application. We keep an eye on practical functions and features for a reliable and inconspicuous surveillance during day and night.

Everything in view
Use our surveillance cameras to monitor the wildlife in your hunting ground or see what the neighbour´s cat is doing in your garden. Bird watching and categorising made easy, when mounting camera next to bird houses. Many of our customers use these inconspicuous spies for property surveillance and building security or for documentation of construction progress. We have the perfect solution for all your requirements.
Our cameras are user-friendly and intuitive to operate. The weatherproof housings are specially designed for outdoor use and protected against all weather conditions. Our high-quality cameras are known for their long battery life.
Our service promise 
The DÖRR after-sales service is unique and reliable. If you have any question or problem, our competent staff will be happy to assist you.

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