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Ross Reels Reels 3/4 / Black Ross Reels Cimarron II
Ross Reels Reels Ross Reels Cimarron II

Ross Reels Cimarron II

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  • 3/4
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The Ross Reels® Cimarron II is the newest generation in a line of quality, American-made fly reels. Its bold, linear porting gives it a distinctive look, while reducing weight and maintaining the strength and rigidity that Ross is known for. The Delrin® 500AF, Teflon-impregnated disc drag system has been upgraded using new composite materials and stainless steel, boasting overtwice the amount of drag pressure of its predecessor. Even with all of this additional power, the drag remains silky smooth and has zero start up inertia, which will protect the lightest tippet. These features make the Cimarron II a fantastic reel with performance and reliability that will be at home on any body of water.

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