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Rio Avid 24ft Sinking Tip

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RIO's Avid Series of lines were developed for the avid fly fisher with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience

  • Gets flies down deep and fast to the strike zone
  • Ideal for fishing streamers to trout and steelhead
  • Floating section makes it easy to mend and control the way the fly fishes
  • Taper has been designed for easy casting
150gr / 9.7gm Black/Pale Yellow 4.7 ips 150gr / 9.7gm 33ft / 10m 90ft / 27.4m
200gr / 12.9gm Black/Pale Yellow 5.5 ips 200gr / 12.9gm 33ft / 10m 90ft / 27.4m
250gr / 16.2gm Black/Pale Yellow 6.4 ips 250gr / 16.2gm 33ft / 10m 90ft / 27.4m
300gr / 19.4gm Black/Pale Yellow 7.3 ips 300gr / 19.4gm 33ft / 10m 90ft / 27.4m

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