Vision Tank 5 Reel - Hero Outdoor
Vision Tank 5 Reel - Hero Outdoor

Vision Tank 5 Reel

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A great salmon reel doesn’t have to be as light as a feather. On the contrary, in most of the situations you want to have some weight in your reel. When used with a long double hand rod, a reel is not just a line storage or a brake provider in your fishing set, but also very much a balancing element. In a world of big brute fish and rocky slippery river banks, a salmon reel has to be able to take a quite a lot of beating and punishment unlike its trout class cousins used on small streams.The outlook of the reel follows closely classical salmon reel design principles with only few holes on the handle side of the reel to provide some amount of ventilation for fly line and backing after long fishing hours. We wanted to have a full rim for the reel in order to fully eliminate those unfortunate occasions when a thin running line gets jammed between the frame and the spool. The classical color of the reel is an outcome of anodizing the used high quality aluminum. The final touch in our quest for old-school atmosphere comes in the form of absolute kick ass brake sound - it just can’t get better than this. When we were thinking how to name the newborn, words like durability, weight, solid metal surfaces, strong machinery and loud noise were flying around. After a bit of a brainstorming, name Tank overrun easily all the other candidates. Tank is available now in three different sizes: Tank 3 for #7-9, Tank 4 for #9-11 and Tank5 for #12 and heavier.

• A classic old-school outlook
• Solid and durable
• Anodized aluminum
• Full rim
• Mid-arbor spool