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Gamo DARK ELIMINATOR Pro IGT cal 5.5mm

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Guns, both airguns, airsoft replicas or CO2 powered are not available for sale on our online store. This is only to give you an overview of our collection offered in our store in Tienen, Belgium. 


The built-in trigger model is the CAT ™, (Custom Action Trigger) a new technology developed by Gamo where the shooter can independently adjust phase 1 and phase 2 of the trigger. By loosening only the first stage adjustment screw, the trajectory of the trigger is increased. A shorter phase 1 trajectory is desired, by simply turning the screw the trajectory is shortened. Stage 2 adjustment is just as easy as the first stage. You loosen the adjustment screw to enlarge the track and tighten it to reduce the track.

Energy: 29 Joules
Length: 117 cm
Weight: 3.0 kg
Speed cal. 5.5 mm: 315 m / s
Including: 3-9 × 40 W1PM (mounting base included) - Gamo TS22 Long Distance Competition

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